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Sage Grouse areas Wyoming

Proactive Science and Protection Saves the State of Wyoming Potential $88bn in Revenue

We were glad to host Cameron Nazminia as a presenter at our Sept. Conference on environmental considerations in energy production where he suggested this model for Appalachia. His points at our conference were:   Appalachian States Would Do Well to Follow Wyoming Model Cameron Nazminia highlighted the regulation and enforcement of environmental considerations in that […]

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Report Coal VA Budget

Download ARIES’ Most Recent Sponsored Report on the Economics of Coal in the State of Virginia

Download ARIES‘ most recent sponsored report on the economics of coal in the State of Virginia by the Ohio State University professors of Economics Michael D. Farren and Mark D. Partridge: click here (   Here is a link to recent press about this report:

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ARIES Cam 2-8

ARIES 2015 Conference Highlights Press Release

ARIES, in cooperation with the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME), sponsored the 2015 Environmental Considerations in Energy Production Conference (ECEP) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania September 20- 23, 2015.  See the full conference agenda at   Watch a video of the conference highlights:   PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Title: Conference Highlights Next Steps […]

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Creek Geeks

Creek Geeks: Researchers, the energy industry and aquatic ecosystems

From Since 2011, the Appalachian Research Initiative for Environmental Science (ARIES) has supported more than 60 academic researchers in energy and the environment and over 75 student researchers at Pennsylvania State University, the University of Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, West Virginia University, the University of Kentucky, Ohio State University, the Edward Via College of Osteopathic […]

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From Hufford and Taylor

Incorporate Various Perspectives and Practices beyond Formal Experts in Sustainablity-Oriented Projects and Research

In the ARIES (Appalachian Research Initiative for Environmental Science) supported research Edgework and Boundary Crossings: Assessing Foundations for Public Ecology in the Appalachian Region, Virginia Tech researchers Mary Hufford and Betsy Taylor track the various shifting definitions of science and whether scientists can engage in both scientific and policy inquiry. Drawing from scholarship termed “edgework,” […]

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The Mining Industry and Community Poverty Across Appalachia-7_graph

Community Resilience Not All Alike in Resource Extractive Locations

Above is a graphic depiction of “coal mining’s share of total county employment for 1990 and 2000 in the Central Apaplachian region. In cross-hatching, we display whether or not the county has a positive value for [a} mountaintop mining variable.” (Lobao et al., 91)   In the ARIES (Appalachian Research Initiative for Environmental Science) supported […]

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ECEP Conference Poster

More than 70 Presentations Expected at the Upcoming ARIES and SME Environmental Considerations in Energy Production Conference

  Research submissions for the ARIES and SME Sept. 2015 Environmental Considerations in Energy Production Conference are now closed. We are pleased to announced that the Sept. 2015 conference will have more than 70 presentations on environmental considerations in energy production not only from Appalachia, but from around the world. The conference will be a […]

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